Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hi Hat Cupcakes

I saw this entry on Bakerella and I just had to have an excuse to make them!
I'm sure hers turned out way better than mine did.
These would have been perfect if the sugar had dissolved.
Unfortunately it did not and the marshmallow cream was grainy.
This is the recipe I used from Martha Stewart.

This topping was a pain because you have to use a hand mixer for 12 minutes while your bowl is over a pot of water. Not so fun!

I made a box mix of german chocolate cupcakes because I was strapped for time.
Just pipe the topping on and put in fridge to help stiffen.

Don't they look yummy? You'd never know they were grainy :)

At least they were pretty!

No worries, these did not go to waste. My daughter loves them and the rest of us just took the tops off and ate them with the german chocolate frosting!
I can imagine how good they would be if the topping had turned out correctly :)


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